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Vampire Facelifttm procedure

Find customized skin care solutions in our Glytone Skin Care product line to address all your skin care concerns and needs. Glytone Skin Care addresses everything from acne skin care products and anti-wrinkle skin care products to body products and rosacea skin treatments.

Jane Iredale™ mineral makeup is formulated with pure micronized minerals and pigments. Unlike so many makeup collections, the Jane Iredale™ line contains no oil to clog or enlarge pores and no talc, which can dry the skin. Each product is free of perfume, alcohol, chemical additives and artificial dyes.

  • Decrease the glabellar lines (the number 11 sign between the brow)

  • Decreased the forehead lines
  • Augment the cheeks and reshape the face
  • Decrease periorbital lines (crow’s feet)
  • Decrease nasolabial folds
  • Decrease smile lines
  • Fill in acne scars
  • Smooth the vermillion border (the edge of the mouth)
  • Decrease the marionette lines (the ones from the corners of the mouth to the chin)
  • Augment the chin
  • And much more

what patients experience after the vampire facelifttm procedure

  • The skin color brightens because of more underlying blood flow.
  • The facial shape becomes fuller as muscle and collagen increase.
  • The face appears smoother because the growth factors are working to build a new dermis.

Vampire Facelifttm Explained

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VAMPIRE FACelift & Facial

Unlike most procedures, the Vampire Facelift™offers a way of restoring shape, improving tone, and texture, as well as literally rejuvenating new and younger tissue! The Vampire Facelift procedure is a non-surgical, no downtime, form of facial rejuvenation that combines the science of hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Restylane or Juvederm) and patient’s own blood cells to activate growth factors to provide a unique solution for the aging face. The Vampire FaceLift™ has been featured on “the Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” CBS News, Fox News, and The New York Times.

Aging makes skin loose and induces fine lines and wrinkles because of the loss of collagen that provides the required elasticity to skin. Any person wanting to remove these unwanted wrinkles and creases to have younger, smoother, firmer skin can undergo this treatment. Both men and women, who are willing to get rid of wrinkles due to aging, exposure to UV rays from sun or other health problems, can benefit from this treatment.

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